A.Shvets: “If we want to make ad transactions secure, we need to bind them to the blockchain”

Alexander Shvets, Papyrus Product Director, comments on the recent blockchain news and addresses the scalability problem.

There has been a flood of news about successful realization of the Lightning network during the past few days.

In the end of the previous week, BitFury showed the first transaction without using SegWit. Today, ACINQ demonstrated its Eclair Wallet that offers a user friendly interface for LN transactions. However, SegWit remains a prerequisite. Yet, it may not matter in the nearest future in case that Bitcoin switches to SegWit transactions.

Such a rush has its reasons: the scalability mechanism does not meet the people’s demands.

Our company is examining the world’s best practices with great interest. In the world RTB infrastructure, millions of advertising transactions run every single second. If we want those transactions to be secure, we need to bind them to the blockchain as well. At this stage, our ecosystem uses the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum has its own approach to scalability, as well as a number of successful solutions. The one that grabbed our attention most is Raiden Network.

In my next post, I will explain how Raiden works and what features we are applying in our platform.

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