A.Shvets, Papyrus Product Director: “Cryptocurrencies will keep being highly volatile”

A Shvets, Papyrus Product Director: “The market saw some ups and downs last week. However, Ethereum has already recovered its positions. But is its growth really a good thing?

For investors — absolutely yes. As for dApp developers, I wouldn’t be so sure. Papyrus is built on Ethereum, and our team watches the technology precisely. Not only is it the price of ETH that grabs our attention. Ethereum faces serious scalability problems. This is why we focused on solving them in first line, and now we are proud to say that we have developed our own scalability solutions”.

Read more in our Whitepaper: https://goo.gl/xja6Ko

Very soon we will publish a series of technical articles. There, our developers will explain, why they have chosen the particular solutions for Papyrus. We will also make an overview of alternative technologies that we can switch to anytime.

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