A single point of access to decentralized digital marketing world

Papyrus is nothing less than the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising capable of processing billions of targeted adverts daily. It is new economy for future digital advertising that unites users, publishers, advertisers and developers of decentralized applications (dApps) in an efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment. 
Currently Papyrus has no analogue in the world. Unlike other blockchain advertising projects, including BasicAttentionToken, Adchain, QChain, AdEx and others that have a focus on particular components for the digital advertising market such as ad exchanges or browsers, Papyrus is a single point of access, full-service ecosystem for all components, platforms and market players. Another challenge for projects in the field is limited blockchain scalability and absence of interoperability with existing adtech platforms. Papyrus offers decentralized real-time bidding (dRTB) protocol that is capable of handling vast amounts of simultaneous ad impressions and ad payments in real-time with built-in antifraud architecture that can be easily integrated into existing programmatic ad infrastructure.

The scalability and open architecture of Papyrus represents a truly global, decentralized platform open to all developers of new adtech solutions for continuous improvement and evolution based on fair competition and transparency.

The Papyrus decentralized digital ad ecosystem is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts, utilizing a network of state channels for bandwidth scalability and a reliable decentralized data storage structure. This enables Papyrus to minimize storage costs and maximize speed for handling large amounts of data.

Papyrus consists of four layers of architecture with the components of each layer developed as open source software. It employs blockchain-based identification and reputation management tools for ecosystem participants, as well as a dRTB protocol that will support dApps and instantaneous ad payments. This framework combines decentralization, capacity and speed.

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