Blockchain to fight digital ad fraud

Adweek has recently published an article devoted to the digital ad fraud problem. It is stated that blockchain may be the new heal-all for all digital traffic illnesses.

IAB expert Alanna Gombert said: “It is no longer the year of data — now it is the year of blockchain”. Decetralized technologies are really being overhyped in the media recently. Still, the technology is yet ar from being widely accepted or even understood correctly.

However, we at Papyrus are optimistic about the future of blockchain in the ad tech industry. One of our main goals is to bring transaprency to the advertising market. With the help of blockchain, we aim to eliminate the ad fraud problem.

Alex Shvets, Papyrus Product Director, comments on the news: “The advertising market is now realizing the potential behind blockchain as a solution to current issues in the industry. Even primary advisors of advertisers and huge skeptics — agencies — support blockchain projects. Jack Smith, Chief Product Officer for GroupM North America, even said that he’s “really bullish” on the technology. As we can see, experts from OMD and Publicis also believe in blockchain and, especially, the solution put forward by Papyrus.
It’s encouraging to see that IAB, the major world advertising committee, started to assemble a tech group for the blockchain field. Our goal in Papyrus is to build an ecosystem which will become an industry standard, one that IAB would accept”.
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