Cryptocurrency becomes a marketing instrument thanks to Burger King Russia

Blockchain is more than a technology. Due to the high interest to cryptocurrencies, it is becoming a marketing tool. Burger King Russia has issued its own cryptocurrency — Whoppercoin. One billion Whoppercoins have been issues to date, but the representatives of the company don’t exclude an addittional emission.

The cryptocurrency may be used as a part of the company’s loyalty program. Customers receive Whoppercoins for purchasing Whopper sandwiches. It is said that customers will be able to pay for the BK’s products with Whoppercoins. However, it still remains unclear how exactly it is meant to function.

Elena Obukhova, Papyrus Communications Director, comments: “Burger King has always been famous for its provocative advertising, the brand uses any trend to its advantage. Well, it was challenging to withstand the popularity of blockchain.
I think that in the future we will necessarily integrate with the new BK solution and make an exchange of our PPR tokens for Whoppercoins, through which you can enjoy delicious burgers. Bon Appetit!”
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