Don’t Miss the Papyrus Token Sale Round 2

With the imminent release of the Papyrus MVP on Ethereum Testnet, Papyrus has reached an important milestone.

We are celebrating that achievement with our second round of Token Sale, which private phase opened on March 21!

The Papyrus MVP consists of a simplified ad network using proprietary blockchain technology perfected by the Papyrus engineering experts. The MVP will enable advertisers to run simple ad campaigns for tokens and allow publishers to set up ad placements and earn tokens. This will serve as a crucial pilot project, proving the ability of Papyrus to provide end-to-end transparency and manage payments through smart contracts in a real-world setting.

Everyone is invited to subscribe to the Token Sale Round 2. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to join early and support our exciting and unique offer.

Those who participated in Round 1 will see their prototype tokens converted to permanent ones by the end of the Token Sale. The effective exchange rate for PRP:PPR is calculated as described below, giving us a conversion rate (rounding up) of 1 PRP: 42,88 PPR.

The formula (related only to Token Sale Round 1 participants)is:


A = 75,7531531% (percentage of tokens sold for ETH in TGE Round 1);

B = 24.2468469% (percentage of tokens sold for BTC in TGE Round 1);

X1 — (close ratio ETH / USD on 2nd of November 2017 is 287.43);

Y1 — (close ratio BTC / USD on 2nd of November 2017 is 7078.50);

X2 — (close ratio ETH / USD on 21th of March 2018 is 561.73);

Y2 — (close ratio BTC / USD on 21th of March 2018 is 8929.28).

Papyrus is going to have a Public Presale soon! Don’t miss this opportunity to be the part of the growing momentum.

Subscribe today! Stay tuned.

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