Ex-Googlers to bring mobile internet to the unbanked

Victor Santos and Sara Choi left Google to develop their own startup. The new blockchain based project aim to solve the problem of mobile internet accessability in developiong countries. AirFox, that’s how the product is called, targets unbanked people in first line. The project is built on Ethereum blockchain.

However, the AirFox team has also thought about the ad tech problems that plague the industry. Just like Papyrus, AirFox wants to involve users into the advertising ecosystem and reward them for interacting with ads and sharing their data.

Alex Shvets, Papyrus Product Director, comments:

“You are welcome, AirFox! A group of ex-googlers announced their new browser this week. The idea of this browser is very similar to Brave with its Basic Attention Token (BAT) concept, although AirFox aims to solve a wider range issues within and outside of the advertising field.
In Papyrus, we are happy to create new solutions — the more experts in the world participate in growing adtech blockchain, the faster the ecosystem can establish itself as a worldwide solution, disrupting the traditional, yet imperfect scheme”.
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