Latest news on the platform development

At the moment we are working on a new specification for the Papyrus prototype.

Here’s the details: 
 — DSP has demonstrated the ability to create campaigns through smart contracts;
 — We setup a scanner for our blockchain for advertisers for reviewing impressions purchase chains; 
 — And we are working to bring large supply partners to the platform.

This week Alex Shvets, our Product Director gave a talk on “The use of blockchain in RTB. How to scale a decentralised database to handle and save hundreds of thousands of impressions per second” at HighLoad++ 2017. Alex discussed the options for scaling blockchain and how to store terabytes of data with the help of a blockchain. He also provided a practical application which was the addition of a blockchain in an RTB ecosystem.
 In a meanwhile look through the recent article by Digitalist (SAP magazine on Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & Analytics) about Papyrus and learn how we change programmatic advertising
Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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