Leo Eletskikh, Papyrus Technology Evangelist: “Blockchain transparency will change most of the industries”

Everybody is discussing the SEC regulation of ICOs now. The global market is still in disturbance, and it seems that governments won’t have any common view on the blockchain for a long time yet.

While the US are trying to regulate ICOs and experts are predicting another dot.com-bubble, South Korea is legalizing the Bitcoin. What is more, Malta wants to make cryptocurrencies legal for online casinos.

Leo Eletskikh, Papyrus Technology Evangelist, comments on the recent news: “For the recent years, speculations on the cryptocurrency market have been increasing constantly. Huge volatility of major coins together with all alt-coins attracts almost all categories of people to the industry. Even people that are generally not interested in any trading and technology can say that they are investors if they have spent just a hundred bucks.

Today the industry faces a major problem. Many people just don’t see any difference and never separate blockchain technology and crypto currencies. Thereby, a ‘currency’ can be a bubble on the market — as Howard Marks says, just because more and more people invest their money without clear understanding what they are doing, just following the trend. However, the technology is already a guest from the future knocking on the door.

For the following decade blockchain transparency will change most of the industries. The trend has already started on currency level with Japan and South Korea and will continue to grow worldwide. For sure, there will undoubtedly be regulation attempts by major economies that consider that trend as a thread”.

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