Meet Papyrus’ Senior VP for Strategic Business Development — Shirlene Chandrapal

Papyrus is proud to announce the newest member of its executive team, Shirlene Chandrapal. She recently returned to London after four year of executive experience in New York. She joins Papyrus as Senior Vice President for strategic Business Development.

Building on her degree in Engineering with Management from King’s College London, Shirlene parlayed a successful career in technology-oriented sales and sales management into even more successful stints as marketing and business development executive for companies including Blue Lithium, Yahoo!, and Amobee.

In her new position at Papyrus, she will provide vision and leadership in areas that include business development, digital media, marketing strategy, product marketing, strategic partnerships, and more. Her colleagues and clients unanimously hail her as consummate professional who is decisive, intuitive, and painstakingly thorough, in addition to displaying integrity, intelligence, and a great ability to motivate and mentor others.

“We’re so happy that Shirlene has joined us to head up Strategic Business Development,” says Elena Obukhova, Communications Director. “Her track record at Amobee and Yahoo! speaks for itself, telling a consistent story of expansion across new territories and markets. She has a knack for identifying new opportunities and turning them into success stories, all with an emphasis on promoting cutting-edge technology across global markets. In other words, she promises to be a perfect match for Papyrus. All of us here are excited to work with Shirlene and look forward to seeing where she can help guide us.”

Contact info for Shirlene Chandrapal:

Email: [email protected]


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