Open Talk with Vitalik Buterin in Skolkovo

Yesterday, Vitalik Buterin arrived in Moscow to attend an event in the Technopark Skolkovo. Once announced, the tickets were sold out during minutes. The Papyrus team managed to get entry cards and headed to the venue to meet the Founder of Ethereum.

The conference hall was overcrowded. There were dozens of people eager to listen — an even touch — Vitalik Buterin. Although the venue was big enough to house all the attendees, the best places to sit were soon all occupied. However, our team was lucky to get right into the center of the conference hall.

Alex Shvets, Product Director, and Elena Obukhova, Communications Director, were happy to be part of the event.

The interest to blockchain and cryptocurrencies is fantastic. Also, many people seem fascinated by the ‘phenomenon of Vitalik’. We haven’t seen such an excitement on a proffessional event since long.

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