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Papyrus is a world’s first highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising, which includes full stack of open sourced components for programmatic advertising in decentralized environment.


Papyrus mission is to create global digital advertising ecosystem, which will unite users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application developers by providing totally transparent, fair and efficient advertising value distribution. Papyrus strives towards accelerated growth of advertising market efficiency and everyone’s economic wealth and comfort.

Who Will Benefit From Papyrus?


Users will be able to control what ads they see and what data they share with advertisers. There will be no abusive ads and malvertisements. Most importantly, users become full-fledged members of advertising ecosystem and are instantly compensated for sharing their data and responding to advertising. Thus users get new comfortable Internet environment at their service.

Publishers and dApp Developers

Traditional web and mobile publishers and dApp developers will receive higher revenues by transparent advertising demand and benefit from instant payment settlements on blockchain. dApp developers will be able to easily create ad-based economies by utilizing ad monetization inside their apps. They will also have an opportunity to promote their dApps and token offerings via Papyrus ecosystem to the consolidated user base of existing dApps.


Advertisers will benefit from the high quality traffic, as Papyrus decentralized reputation and antifraud solutions protect them from non-human and fraudulent traffic by an order of magnitude better than traditional solutions. All ad data is securely stored in scalable decentralized storages enabling traceability of all operations and eliminating fraud within ad buying intermediaries. Transparent environment with real-time advertising payments significantly reduce technology costs comparing to complicated traditional adtech solutions.

How Does It Work?

These are the basic elements and technologies Papyrus uses:

1. Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

2. State channels network for transactions performance scalability.

3. Secure and scalable decentralized data storage for event logs.

4. Blockchain identity and reputation management systems.

5. Decentralized real-time-bidding (RTB) protocol based on OpenRTB.

The architecture of Papyrus consists of 4 layers. Components of each layer are developed by the Papyrus team as open source software for the ecosystem growth and adoption.

The Papyrus AdTech Infrastructure layer includes all components required to establish a complete digital advertising cycle within the Papyrus ecosystem and to create gateways with traditional adtech systems.

Scheme of basic communications within dRTB cycle can be views as follows.

You can learn technical details about Papyrus in our Whitepaper!

How Is Papyrus Better Than Other Solutions?

There are already several projects that aim to leverage blockchain technology in the area of digital advertising. Each of them focuses on a very specific subset of problems not transforming the existing advertising landscape strategically. The following table summarizes the key features of the projects in comparison to Papyrus.

PPR Token

PPR is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that is used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, developers and users in the Papyrus ecosystem.

Initial Token Sale Summary

Papyrus will have several phases of the Initial Token Sale (ITS):

* private and public pre-sale in Summer 2017 for early investors and supporters of the project;

* public sale phase 1, which will happen in the autumn 2017 after Papyrus prototype is ready;

* private sale phase 2 for accredited adtech companies, which will happen not earlier than in 2019 after Papyrus ecosystem get substantial traction on the advertising market.


Alexander Shvets, Product Director: LinkedIn, Facebook

Leo Eletskikh, Technology Evangelist: LinkedIn, Facebook

Elena Obukhova, Communications Director: LinkedIn, Facebook

More team members can be found here.


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