Papyrus has attended Hybrid Conf’17

Last week Alexander Shvets — Papyrus Product director, attended Hybrid Conf’17 — the biggest conference in an Intellectual advertising area. Every year Hybrid has more than 500 different representatives of technology platforms, agencies and brands. Hybrid collaborates with them in order to determine a vector of the programmatic evolution. More than 2500 people (including online broadcast) attended Hybrid conference.

“Blockchain in RTB — just a hype or new capabilities for the market?”

Alexander delivered a speech “Blocking in RTB — just a hype or new opportunities for the market?” He discussed the following topics:

  • Current issues in the advertising market. Why is blockchain technology so actual for the advertising today?
  • What is blockchain and how is it connected to programmatic buying via RTB?
  • Why is it so important to develop universal ecosystem with specific blockchain solution for RTB?
  • How will blockchain change our market in several years?

As soon as the video of Alexander will be available, we will also publish it in our blog. Stay tuned!

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