We’re thrilled to announce that Papyrus joins the IAB Tech Lab Blockchain Working Group in order to synchronize our efforts with those of other market players.

The mission of the established group is to investigate the application of blockchain technology to address challenges in the digital advertising space and to develop standards and best practices for the utilization of blockchain technology.

At present, the working group is developing education for blockchain technology and its use in advertising. The members will work on setting priorities for business use cases and required technology standards and best practices.

Alex Shvets, our Product Director, participated in the kick-off meeting of the working group today. Here’s how he comments this event:

“We are inspired by the fact that dialogue about blockchain application is starting across the industry. Today’s IAB Tech Lab meeting was devoted to discussing the work of the group and its roadmap. In total, there are 3 main directions for work: Education, Specifications and Pilot networks. Pilot networks direction is not specific for IAB, this is important novelty for blockchain technology. Papyrus are going to participate in all areas of pilots: Interoperability, Transparency, Data security, and Identity. We are confident that together with other industry players Papyrus will bring in new technologies and standards to the advertising industry that will move it to a new level.”

Papyrus is proud to be member of the working group and aim to contribute to the blockchain transformation of digital advertising industry.

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