PRP token generation completed / future token sales update

Hello Papyrus Community!

We are happy to announce that the PRP token generation is complete.

Official PRP token smart contract address: 0xCB95cA62AACdc3C608aA2E78057e918a1B180616

PRP token official registered information on

To summarize the PRP token generation:

675,543.319 PRP tokens were sold during TGE Round 1. A small part of them is on hold in a Papyrus multisignature wallet as we are waiting for KYC documents from some participants. This pool represents 80% of PRP tokens minted for TGE Round 1.

168,885.830 PRP tokens were minted for the pool for our advisory board, bounty campaign, Papyrus partners, pilot integrations with ad platforms, and the founding team. This pool represents 20% of PRP tokens minted for TGE Round 1. From this pool 16,888.583 PRP is allocated to the bounty campaign pool that is 2% of PRP tokens minted for TGE Round 1.

5,405,570.851 PRP tokens are frozen at the multisig wallet of the Papyrus Foundation for future token sale rounds and according to our rules Papyrus has an option to run additional rounds selling these PRP tokens to secure up to $5M capital with a limit for a maximum supply of 6,250,000 PRP.

All PRP tokens will be converted to main PPR tokens using 1 PRP : 24 PPR ratio during TGE Round 2.

Future token sales update

1. In order to streamline the following TGE rounds and speed up the PPR token listing we decided to combine the remaining phases of TGE Round 1 (intended to reach $5M cap) and the TGE Round 2 into one single TGE Round 2. All the frozen PRP tokens will be burned and the corresponding number of PPR tokens will be distributed during TGE Round 2.

2. The price for PPR tokens for TGE Round 2 will be not be less than 0.055 USD. Therefore the minimum bonus for current PRP holders will be at least 32% in USD value. The final price of PPR tokens will be announced later.

3. TGE Round 2 will be organized in a form of private subscription. After all the orders are collected the maximum cap and PPR price will be defined.

4. PRP tokens won’t be transferrable in Ethereum mainnet before TGE Round 2 to avoid market manipulation that may affect TGE Round 2 performance. The Papyrus prototype will be tested in Ethereum testnet.

If you have any questions regarding the token distribution and future Papyrus plans, please contact us by email: [email protected].

Also you can find all necessary token information and instructions here:

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