Strategic partnership with FraudScore

Papyrus and FraudScore have come into an agreement on strategic partnership — FraudScore will be the first auditor connected to the Papyrus ecosystem.

Papyrus is creating a transparent advertising ecosystem based on the blockchain technology, so that to ensure the lack of fraudulent activity and bot traffic. FraudScore is the largest mobile traffic analyzer that up to this moment has processed more than 257 million mobile application installations.

Fraudulent traffic is in the top 3 problems of the advertising market. Experts from Papyrus Foundation are confident that the use of the blockchain technology can help to create an automated and transparent market for auditor services and thus eliminate the problem. The joint work of the suppliers of antifraud solutions within the Papyrus ecosystem will greatly improve the effectiveness of combating fraud in programmatic advertising.

In the unified advertising ecosystem, each impression can be evaluated by consensus of the auditors. At the moment Papyrus has already deployed a working prototype of the system, so the connection of the first partner in the field of traffic evaluation is an important next step.

For FraudScore cooperation with Papyrus opens new opportunities for enriching data and increasing volumes of processed advertising traffic. FraudScore will receive a reward for analysis of traffic in the form of Papyrus tokens. The public sale of Papyrus tokens started on October 12.

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