Technical Roundup #1

Through the last few weeks the dev team’s been busy with designing and prototyping the key components to bootstrap the Papyrus ecosystem. We set the prototype goal for this month to start onboarding the first participants and to support a basic bidding/auditing/payment flow, with the focus on traditional web advertising and integration of existing SSPs and DSPs. So, the scope for this includes:

At the Core layer:

  1. The Papyrus DAO with initial governance logic
  2. The Papyrus token — the prototype will operate using PRP (pre-Papyrus token)
  3. The registries for SSPs, DSPs, Auditors and Publishers — will allow registration and placement of security deposits, with a simple challenge/verify validation
  4. Basic multi-dimensional reputation tracking — key dimensions to start with (amounts payed, amounts of recognized fraud), and more will follow

At the Scalability layer:

  1. Payment channels with conditional transactions (assuming both parties playing fairly, no conflicts settlement yet) — will transfer payments for individual impressions, rejecting those recognized as fraudulent by the Auditors

At the AdTech Infra layer:

  1. DSP and SSP integration gateways — will relay RTB messages from the traditional SSPs to DSPs and back, and will manage payment channels on their behalf, at the same time interacting with the Auditors to authorize individual payments

What we achieved so far:

  1. The token contract is undergoing security audit
  2. The registries for ecosystem participants with registration and deposit logic are being tested
  3. The basic payment channel implementation already supports setup, unconditional transactions and settlement
  4. The integration gateways already support connections to SSP/DSP and can relay and log RTB messages

And what’s next?

  1. Integration of payment channels into SSP/DSP gateway
  2. Support of conditional transactions in the payment channels (sunny day scenario)
  3. Interaction with Auditors
  4. Reputation tracking
  5. Overall governance with dispute resolution framework
  6. Verification mechanism for participants registration

Meanwhile, we are tidying up a bit, and will make our github repositories public soon!

Alex Shvets, Papyrus Product Director

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