Technical Roundup #2

This week our team continued working on the first prototype of Papyrus product (see the scope outlined in our previous roundup). Since enabling transparency is the key goal of the new ecosystem we are building, we take it seriously as a team — and following our promises we’ve just made our repositories public! You can now check the code and docs on GitHub, the key highlights include:

  1. Basic Papyrus DAO with participants registration logic, which is detached from the actual data (registries) and can be upgraded separately.
  2. Registries for ecosystem participants, with reputation tracking logic to be used when settling the payment channels and receiving fraud reports from the Auditors.
  3. Payment channel implementation comprised of smart contracts anchoring the channel on the blockchain, and channel node logic performing actual off-chain payments exchange — now with basic conditional transactions!
  4. Initial version of gateways to connect traditional SSPs and DSPs.

· The contracts for Papyrus tokens and wallet to support the Token Generation Event (which will be announced soon!)

Some details on the proposed Papyrus architecture, including our vision on Auditors involvement and reputation tracking.

And now we focus on:

  1. Elaboration of SSP/DSP gateway logic, and integration of payment channels into bidding process.
  2. Finalizing conditional transactions support and overall payment channels testing.
  3. Integration with Auditors to unlock conditional transactions.
  4. Triggering reputation updates for SSPs and DSPs.

Papyrus will bring benefits to all the fair players along the advertising chain — but interaction between DSPs and SSPs with transparency enforced by Auditors’ participation is at the very core of the ecosystem. That’s why a major focus is on SSP and DSP gateways, and Auditor integration — once this is done we are going to connect our first partners!

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