Technical Roundup #3

Good news, everyone! Since our last update the team’s been busy fitting parts of the prototype together as our first integrations with the partners are just around the corner. Well, we are almost there — the progress we’ve made so far:

  1. The core of the prototype is finally assembled — the SSP/DSP gateways are integrated with the payment channel, now going through heavy testing and debugging.
  2. Payment channels are in the process of constant improvement — the conditional transactions tested, now adding some state persistence for reliability.
  3. Verification mechanism for publisher registration is now being tested, will be delivered soon.
  4. And we also rectified our approach to the forthcoming Token Generation Event Round 1.

We continue working on the prototype core, meanwhile elaborating the design details for integrations with SSPs, DSPs and Auditors.

Now, we would also like to announce our plan to deploy a Bancor Token Changer! Once the prototype PRP token is out, the Smart token changer contract will be created for a PRP/BNT pair, and will allow those Papyrus participants receiving PRP tokens for their services to easily exchange for BNT (and thus for ETH or any token connected to the Bancor network).

Similarly, those wishing to utilize services in the ecosystem (or to place a PoS deposit required from the participant) will be able to convert their ETH, BNT or other connected tokens. While we also plan to list on the major exchanges, the Token Changer once deployed will immediately create PRP token liquidity, facilitating trustless exchange free from the risks of centralized exchanges.

Details on the changer contract will be announced after the TGE Round 1 ends.

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