Technical Roundup #4

So, another week has passed since our last update — and we are less than a week away from the Token Generation Event Round 1. But even before we get there an important milestone will be passed — this weekend we are going to deploy our prototype contracts to the Ethereum mainnet! This will allow registration of the prototype ecosystem participants (once the prototype tokens are issued), and will enable us to start actual deployment of integrations with our first partners. In anticipation of that we worked on:

· Making our last refinements in the prototype DAO and registries.

· Further strengthening payment channels implementation and improving reliability of persistence logic.

· And further improving the prototype core SSP/DSP gateways.

Once we deploy the contracts, we are going to register test SSP, DSP and Auditor accounts — and run test transactions across the actual working instances of the prototype core. Stay with us and watch for updates!

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