It’s no secret that now in the fast-growing market of the blockchain there are many dishonest players and deceptive projects that sell air and do not have real value.

We are a real project, behind which there are real and exceptional people! Papyrus is the future of the entire advertising industry, which is already coming today. Papyrus goes forward with leaps and bounds — the prototype is ready and real integration in the advertising market begins.

The greatest effort we spend on the development of the project. But at the same time we travel a lot around the world, where we talk about the project, pitch at conferences, communicate with market professionals and crypto communities. And we have a lot of cool photos of recent months. It’s us, the people of Papyrus, while the rest of our guys are programming :)

Who is there? Alex Shvets, our Product Director, and Vitalik Buterin
Alex with Eric Benz, CEO Cryptopay
The pearl of our team — Elena Obukhova, Communications Director
Thomas Hulbert pitch at ICO Summit
Presentation at d10e — The Leading Conference on Decentralization
Dmity Lee, Papyrus Technical Advisor
Working hard at conferences
ICO Summit in Zurich
Alex with Leo Eletskikh, our Technology Evangelist
Thomas Hulbert, Papyrus Ecosystem Evangelist
Managing board

Stay tuned with us!

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